Client feedback gallery

Dr. Wagner has helped us at the Hide-E-Hole Ferret Rescue since it began in 2002. He’s a large reason why this rescue has been able to stay open as long as it has. — Barbara Carlson, Director

Over the years, I have brought many rabbits to Dr. Wagner, both my own and from the shelter where I volunteer. He is an excellent diagnostician, and I really appreciate his no-nonsense approach to treatment. –Linda Kirin

After weeks of a sick bunny, lots of stress, and seeing two other vets, Dr. Wagner was able to diagnose, operate on and treat our bunny George. He is now healthier than ever, and has his happy personality back. Dr. Wagner’s patience and calm demeanor reassured us that he was in the best hands, and we knew Dr. Wagner wouldn’t give up until George was all better. Thank you so much for everything you do!! –The Siwik Family

Yeezus smelling the hydrangea I just bought and planted. — Donelle Washington

As a rescue volunteer for rabbits and guinea pigs, I’ve relied on Dr. Wagner for the care and well-being of all of my animals for as long as I can remember. He is, hands down, the best exotic pet vet in this area. I know that when I take my rabbits and guinea pigs to him, they’re getting the best care possible. –Becky Jung

I have been taking my pets to Dr. Wagner since he first started practicing. He is very knowledgeable whether it be dog, bird or turtle. I put full trust in his assessments, diagnoses and treatments. I would never consider any other. –Helen

Dr. Wagner has been my Vet since 2001 when I had to take my ferret, Pooh Bear to him with IBD, Insulinoma, and adrenal. Dr. Wagner is the smartest vet I have had the opportunity to have for a pet vet. He has helped me with 7 ferrets all these yrs. I’d like to thank him for his help with all my babies. –Becky Watson

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